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Escuela de Byakuren Kenpo - Byakuren Kenpo School
Byakuren Kenpo School


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Our School, The "BKS"

As time goes by and new eras approach us the methods of training in martial arts have changed. In the BKS of today the technical secrets are still inherited by the traditional way, from master to disciple. In so doing the Kenpo disciples of today carry on the same traditional methods of training as did the monks of the White Lotus, which include its technical, historical and philosophical contents. This enables us to fully maintain intact the style and techniques of this art.

BKS Authorities

Maestro Seijo



Gerardo G. Seijo,

7º Dan

    General Manager & Director

     To contact Master Seijo write to:

      Coronel Olleros 1882,  4° B
      C. P. 1426

Capital Federal
      Buenos Aires
      Republica Argentina

Rafael Gutierrez


Salta city Branch

  • General Manager & Director  of Salta Branch
    Rafael F. Gutierrez, 4º Dan
                    Santa Fe 1096
                    Salta - Republica Argentina
  • Marcelo Rocchi, 1º Dan
  • Oscar Guantay, 2º Dan

Moshe Liaks

Israel - Afula city Branch

  • General Manager & Director  of Israel Branch
    Aldo J. Liaks
    , 3º Dan
                    5 Rotem St.
                    Ajuzat Barak 19323
                    Tel:  + 972 4   6523106
                    Cell: + 972 0 55312910

Tucuman city Branch

  • Instructor Helper
    Alejandro Giraud, 1º Kyu
                  La Plata 1134
                  C.P. 4000
                  San Miguel de Tucumán - Tucumán
                  Republica Argentina

Other Instructors:


Salta city Branch

Buenos Aires city Branch

Mendoza city Branch

Luis Santander

United States of America

 Miami city Branch

Associated Organizations


Where can I learn BKS?

The best way of learning BKS is to actually practice it. For this reason we fill you in our authorized instructors and their schedules and gym locations.

Below are listed the times of practice in gyms, however it is important to note that outdoor training is an integral and essential part of the learning process of our system, which also includes advanced techniques, weapons, etc.

We invite you to visit our Photo Gallery to view some of our training sessions.

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